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Our Advantages

Family-Driven Commitment

Choose us for our deep-rooted family values in providing personalized and attentive recycling services.

Minority-Owned Pride

Support diversity and inclusivity with our minority-owned business, committed to ethical and sustainable recycling practices.

24/7 Availability for Convenience

We're always open, offering round-the-clock services to fit your schedule for all recycling needs.

Free, No-Obligation Estimates

Enjoy peace of mind with our transparent, free estimates - no hidden costs, just honest service.

Wide Range of Accepted Items

Our extensive recycling options cater to diverse needs, from aluminum cans to bikes and batteries.

Welcoming Walk-Ins Anytime

No appointment is needed - we welcome walk-ins, making recycling easy and accessible for everyone.

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Recycling with re Responsibility and Care

At Our Family Salvage LLC, we handle your recyclables with utmost care. Entrust your aluminum cans, bikes, and more to us for responsible, eco-friendly recycling solutions.

How We Work
Our Advantages

Initial Consultation and Estimate

Start with a free, no-obligation estimate. We assess your recyclable materials and provide a transparent evaluation, prioritizing your convenience and trust.

Eco-Friendly Recycling Procedure

Our process involves meticulous sorting and eco-friendly recycling methods, ensuring we handle each item, from metals to batteries, with environmental responsibility and efficiency.

Final Processing and Feedback

Conclude with our efficient processing of materials. We offer feedback on the impact of recyclables, promoting awareness and contributing to a sustainable community effort.

Types of Vehicles We Scrap

From everyday cars to heavy-duty machinery, Our Family Salvage LLC responsibly scraps many vehicles, ensuring eco-friendly disposal.

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Do you have questions about recycling or scrapping your vehicle? Contact Our Family Salvage LLC today – our friendly team is ready to assist with all your inquiries.